Smokey Paprika Cauliflower

Fun fact: I haven’t turned my laptop on in about two months (until now). Crazy how we can do life with just smart handheld devices these days, isn’t it? I’m surprised little creatures didn’t crawl out from under the keys of my keyboard when I fired it up just now. Another fun fact: This was supposed to be a buffalo cauliflower recipe! ‘Twas not meant to be. I just wouldn’t have been able to sleep tonight had I labeled it as such. That’s a lie; I can always sleep. While it isn’t buffalo-y, it IS smokey, spicy, tangy and I’ll certainly make it again as a quick and simple side dish in the future. Smokey Paprika Cauliflower Continue reading


Spicy Greens and Garbanzo Soup

It’s soup season, y’all! Tis the season for taking out any repressed anger you may be carrying on chopping vegetables, ripping kale into shreds and throwing it all into a hot pot of onions and garlic. As long as you’re being productive, you’re golden. I apologize for the below photo. There’s just no way to make boiled kale look sexy and I’m really sorry about that.

Greens and garbanzo soup
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Coconut Whipped Cream

Hi, hello, happy June!

This is less of a recipe, more of a ‘this can be done and you should do so promptly.’ I first learned of this at a lady gathering at my aunt’s house. There was lots of talk of age spots and droopy cheeks, but also of the coconut cream which one of her friends had brought to scoop onto berries (what I was most focused on). The recipe used was that of oh she glows. It’s a perfect dairy-less alternative to traditional whipped cream and is just subtly sweet.

Coconut whipped cream and strawberries

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Vegan Strawberry Dreamsicles + a GIVEAWAY

Popsicles, man. Now that is a recipe rabbit hole you don’t want to get sucked into unless you’re prepared to spend some serious time with your blender. That wording is deceiving. The actual process of popsicle creation is a mighty fast one. The blender time will be put in when you can’t decide what flavor/flavor combo to commit to and end up making them all. The most time-consuming part of this is waiting for your popsicle mold to arrive in the mail.

On that note- GUESS WHAT! We are giving away the exact popsicle mold that I use. All you have to do is comment on this post with your favorite frozen pop flavor. We will choose a comment-er using on Friday, the 26th!

Strawberry Dreamsicle Bite

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PB+J Cups

[Sweeping statement along the lines of, “Who doesn’t like peanut butter and chocolate, am I right?!” Blah blah blah perfect combo.] It’s true, though. YUM. Which brings us to peanut butter, chocolate AND strawberry jam. It’s like a PB & J sandwich minus the bread, plus chocolate!

These are just perfect for the toasty, beautiful days we’ve been having here in the Seattle area. I’ve been keeping them in the freezer, which makes for a fudgecicle-esque treat. I won’t lie to you, I may also be keeping them in the freezer because they were sort of a hot, melty mess after ten minutes in the sun.

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