Mulled Apple Cider

I have no comment on how long it’s been since I’ve contributed… so let’s get to this mulled apple cider! Not only is mulling cider easy,┬áit also makes your home smell amazing and it’s just cozy. Add a little whiskey to your cup and voila, party cider.

cider prep

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Sugar and Spice (and gluten-free!) Baked Donuts

Crazy things happen when I bake/cook in a real person kitchen. This meaning the kitchen of my parents or anyone who owns a full set of knives and a set of glasses that don’t disperse glitter and small plastic dreidels when shaken (I love those cups, BTW). Making these donuts was wonderful because 1) I just got my pan in the mail!!, 2) I could actually follow the directions and brush butter on them with my parents’ sweet rubber brush contraption ┬áinstead of clumsily smearing it on with my fingers, and 3) I was making said donuts while my brother and dad watched a Neil Young concert on Netflix, so Neil was playing in the background, I was feeling the feelings he makes you feel (just hand me a Pulitzer and get it over with), and the smell of donut-y goodness was in the air!


On top of all of that, they tasted wonderful AND are gluten and dairy-free!

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