Raspberry Mules

Oh, hi guys. Hilary here. Reporting live from my living room, watching Shark Week, actively planning how to avoid open waters for the rest of my life. I’m also feeling pretty happy with myself for having just made raspberry mules. Also, vodka. Good vodka from Batch 206, which happens to be a baseball-player’s-stone’s-throw away from the futon on which I sit.

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Citrus Mulled Cider

Are you looking for a warm beverage to serve guests or yourself on one of these cold afternoon/evenings of Winter? (What’s that? It’s 60 degrees in LA, Alexi? Ssssh.) Would you like the freedom to add the fruit/spices/alcohol of your choice to said beverage? Would you like your home to smell like an apple cinnamon paradise after about ten minutes into the process? Well have I got the “recipe” for you!

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Sparkling Greyhound with Mint

I may be drinking one of these as I write this, so apologies for any errors. Hilary, you may have to edit this a couple times.

Anyway, I was recently re-introduced to the Greyhound (vodka and grapefruit juice) while vacaying it up with a specific boyfriend’s family in Palm Springs. I learned a couple things: First, there may be enough grapefruit trees that all of Palm Springs could survive on solely grapefruit, if that’s what it came to. You never know. Second, Greyhounds are pretty great, but especially refreshing muddled with mint and topped off with seltzer.


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