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Tangerine Manhattan

manhattan birdseye

Well, what can I really say except that Manhattans are really good and combined with fresh tangerine juice, they're even gooder. Lol, I thought "gooder" would be funny but I think it's actually bothering me. Whatever, I'm leaving it in and you can form your own opinion. ANYWAY.  I really can't take credit for this drink. My husband made it one time years ago and continues to make it when tangerines are in season (shout-out to my husband, Jake). Just to put this out there, we recently got married (brag much?) and I haven't had many instances to refer to Jake as "my husband" so, it's weird. Right? Does it ever not get weird? What is a husband, really?


Ingredients (for 1 drink)


1.5 oz whiskey (your favorite kind)

3/4 oz sweet vermouth

juice from 1/2 a tangerine

1 - 2 dashes bitters (angostura) 

maraschino cherries


Place ice in cocktail shaker. Add whiskey, sweet vermouth, tangerine juice, bitters. Shake, shake, shake. Strain into glass of your choosing (I'm not going to tell you what glass to use). Add 1 to 2 cherries. Drink up!

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