Friday Fluff: Pug Head Tilt

They better have gotten a treat, dinner, a walk AND bedtime after this. Happy Friday!


Pi Day 2013: Past Pies Revisited

Happy Pi Day, folks! Instead of making a fancy spread of pies for you (because Alexi has the Plague and I made cheddar/Guinness/chive bread instead), we are going to take a journey back in time!

Remember when Alexi made a delicious veggie pot pie and Jake posed creepily for pictures with it? I do.

Then there was the time when Alexi made miniature vanilla blackberry cream pies! I conveniently visited her in LA just in time to taste one.


Cakespy Pie

Image by CakeSpy

What will you do to celebrate Pi Day?

Happy Birthday to Us!

We’re one year old! Awwwwwwww, happy birthday, little bloggling! We got ourselves a twitter account as a present to ourselves! Follow us at @dawdlingblog!


Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive of our semi-constant spamming. Especially those of you who were added to our email subscription list without your knowledge. Seriously, though. Thank you!

[Fluffy] FRIDAY!

I don’t know about you, but I am sooo so so so happy it’s Friday. So happy.  When I wasn’t focused on work and taking care of my car this past week, I spent a lot of time thinking about pie and how it’s been too long since I’ve made one.  I’m thinking I’ll be making something pie-like this weekend **Spoiler Alert**  So, I give you a great post from The Pioneer Woman’s blog on all things pie, and some photos of pies I want. Right. Now.

One day, I will make pies in jars and it will be a most glorious day.

Don’t forget about Pug pot pie!

Fluffy Friday!!

Happy Friday!

Yesterday, Nina’s little munchkin, Oscar, celebrated his first birthday!

Oscar the French Bulldog
Being the man of the hour takes a lot outta ya.

Canine party guests ranged from teeny-tiny with stick-on earrings to giant puppies and senior citizens.

Doggy Birthday Party

There was even a cake with his name on it. Cuteness overload!

Have a wonderful weekend!