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We are Alexi and Hilary, two friends who met in college in Seattle while working at the same restaurant. We learned quickly that we both loved food and all that is  associated with it: cooking, baking, eating, and forcing others to listen to us talk about it.

You won’t find much meat here, unless it’s covered in fur and doing something adorable, and we’re both slightly challenged in the dairy department, but for some reason assume it will end well after eating it and ignoring this fact. We love finding and creating new, easy recipes that fall into our dietary happy places, but can be enjoyed by anyone!

We currently live in two separate cities; Hilary in Seattle and Alexi in Los Angeles. Though we don’t physically see each other as often as we used to, the interweb allows us to talk and fantasize about recipes, as well as spam each other with pictures of food and/or animals and/or Le Creuset dutch ovens constantly.

Enjoy our internet lovechild!

To contact us: dawdlingdarlings@gmail.com



7 thoughts on “About/Contact Info

  1. Love the part about being challenged in the dairy department but hopefully ignoring it:) Too funny! When I eat dairy it’s always accompanied by a lot of wishful thinking:)

  2. Hi, thanks for stopping by at my blog. Absolutely love your collaboration. Look forward to reading your recipes.

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