Raspberry Mules

Oh, hi guys. Hilary here. Reporting live from my living room, watching Shark Week, actively planning how to avoid open waters for the rest of my life. I’m also feeling pretty happy with myself for having just made raspberry mules. Also, vodka. Good vodka from Batch 206, which happens to be a baseball-player’s-stone’s-throw away from the futon on which I sit.

Raspberry Mule

I love Moscow mules. And I love raspberries. So this just all made sense to me. This was also a phenomenal opportunity for me to use the painfully impractical paper straws that I bought several months ago. THANK GOD. They’re super cute until they start decomposing in your drink.

Raspberry Mule

It’s kind of a bummer that I ate all of the raspberries, therefore not being able to include them in these photos. You’ll just have to trust me that they did exist. Anyway, let’s get you this recipe! And try to ignore the similarity between this cocktail’s appearance and that of the blood and gore in this shark attack segment I’m watching…

You will need (for one glass):

  • 1 half pint of raspberries
  • 1 12oz bottle of ginger beer
  • 2 ounces of vodka
  • 1 squeeze of lime juice (optional)


  1. In a glass, combine vodka and half of your container of raspberries. Muddle the berries into the vodka (or if you’re me, and don’t have a proper muddling device, violently smash them together). 
  2. Transfer berry mixture into your serving glass and add enough ginger beer to fill.
  3. Add a splash of lime juice if you’d like, stir and serve!

Raspberry Mules


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