Fluffy Friday: A little bit of fluff and a miraculous silver cleaning trick!

Before I divulge to you one of the best tips I’ve learned from Pinterestland, I bring you the fish/turtle/duck feeding frenzy that Alexi encountered during her trek to LA:

Miraculous silver cleaning trick!

I don’t know about you, but I hate when I’m going through my jewelry and I discover a long lost silver necklace/bracelet/ring/pair of earrings, only to see that it has turned into gray dusty number. Last night I had an insane organizing bender, which involved a bunch of piles and too much untangling. Part of this Thursday night craziness involved cleaning all of my silver jewelry- and I just really need to share this trick. I found this lone earring and was about to toss it, when I realized that the last minutes of its life could serve as an example.


Once upon a time, there was a tarnished little earring that was bound for the trash.


On his journey to the garbage can, he noticed some baking soda, a small dish lined with tin foil, and a kettle of boiling water.


He made himself comfortable in the half inch thick layer of baking soda, on top of the shiny side of the foil.


All of a sudden, the kettle began singing, and before he knew it, boiling water was being poured on top of him until the baking soda had fizzed and mostly dissolved. He soaked for a while, as hot water continued to be poured into the dish until the fizzing stopped.


When he emerged, he was being rinsed with cold water, dried, and then photographed in awkward places. He was bright and sparkly! And then thrown in the garbage.

I wish I had thought of soliciting you with this tip when I was doing a mass cleaning of all of my jewelry, those before and afters would have been like an infomercial.

I hope this post finds you with a pile of silver things just asking for a good cleaning!

Have a lovely day!

P.s. If anyone wants that earring… it hasn’t really been let go yet and is up for adoption.


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