[Fluffy] Friday!!

It appears that Summer has finally decided to join us, here in good ol’ Washington! And in the spirit of all things sunny and wonderful, here are a couple Summer-related things for you to enjoy.

Cakespy is a local artist/baker/spyerofcakerelatedthings that we love. She has an adorable store in Capitol Hill that you should most certainly visit if you’re in the area. Her art almost always involves sweet baked goods. If I were to ever get inked, I would potentially end up with something like this permanently displayed on one of my limbs:

Seriously, just look at it.

She recently posted a series of sweet delicious things disguised as other Summery things. If that makes sense. You be the judge.

Two very important holidays are occurring this weekend.


I hope that your birthday is less like this:

And more like this:

AND ALSO FATHER’S DAY!! Happy Father’s Day to Carey and Dave. We love you, our respective dads. Although I’m sure we’d like each others dads if we met them.

Have a wonderful weekend. Along with celebrating the above excitement, I will be  investing in some popsicle sticks, so that I can do this.


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