Hawaiian Jealousy & Pinterest Party! Part two: Hedgehog Rice Krispies Treats

[Not] Alexi chillin’ on the beach with her brother, Elliott.

Oh hi, guys. Before I jump into the hedgehog-y nitty-gritty, I’d like for us all the take a moment to be jealous of Alexi and the fact that she’s currently Lilo and Stitch-ing it up around Hawaii with her family. And as I typed this she sent me this picture of the crabs in her backyard:

I hope you’re having fun, Alexi! I’m fine here. Really. It’s no biggie that you didn’t take me with you!

Now onto more serious business! Hedgehogs. I love them and I’m not sure why. They’re  adorable and spiky and always look a little bit peeved at the world. So, naturally when I saw a recipe for hedgehog-shaped Rice Krispies Treats, you’d better believe I pinned it.


In order to create these little guys, we used the original Rice Krispies Treats recipe. Be warned, the little elf at the top of that page is screaming things about Mother’s Day right now, so make sure your volume is down if you’re at work. Things could get awkward.

In addition to the ingredients listed in the above recipe, you will need:

  • 1 bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • Chocolate sprinkles
  • Any other decorative items that you think necessary!


  • After the Rice Krispies Treat goo was done and slightly cooled in the saucepan, we wet our hands with cold water (repeatedly) and formed the hedgies, then placed them on parchment paper. (Note: if you opt out of using parchment paper, you’re gonna have a bad time.)
  • In retrospect, during this time, I would have set up a double broiler (ie: a medium sized glass mixing bowl over a sauce pan with lightly simmering water since I don’t have a double broiler) and poured the bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips into it for them to begin melting, stirring every minute or so. We opted to microwave the chocolate, which is really stressful for me because it gets lumpy if you heat it for too long, but doesn’t melt very well if you heat it for too little. You just can’t win.
  • After the hedgehog bodies are cooled, shaped, and sitting patiently on the parchment paper, begin dipping them in the melted chocolate and spreading it with a butter knife.
  • Sprinkle sprinkles (…) over entire chocolate area.
  • I think at this point the rest is up to you and your creative juices! We opted out of eyes/ attempted on one with food coloring and it looked like a psycho killer, so we ate it.

Happy hedgehog-ing!


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