Chocolate Chocolate Baked Birthday Donuts

Guess who/what turned two this week! THIS BLOG RIGHT HERE. And guess how we/I celebrated! DONUTS. With sprinkles. And chocolate. I don’t give my donut pan nearly enough attention. The thing is honestly magical. As far as finding a recipe for this occasion, I looked no farther than Joy the Baker‘s treasure trove of donut recipes. This one happened to be an adaptation from Shutterbean. Both of whom are donut masters, for real.

Chocolate Donuts 1

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Citrus Mulled Cider

Are you looking for a warm beverage to serve guests or yourself on one of these cold afternoon/evenings of Winter? (What’s that? It’s 60 degrees in LA, Alexi? Ssssh.) Would you like the freedom to add the fruit/spices/alcohol of your choice to said beverage? Would you like your home to smell like an apple cinnamon paradise after about ten minutes into the process? Well have I got the “recipe” for you!

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Cinnamon Cranberry Flapjacks

Hi! Remember me? Hope so, because I’ve been thinking about you a lot! And how I should finally share these flapjacks with you. A few months ago, I started having Graze¬†boxes delivered to my office every couple of weeks. They’re adorable boxes of four individually portioned healthy snacks that you can pick/choose/rate on their website. It’s like a ray of delicious sunshine when they arrive. One of my favorite items to receive in my boxes are the flapjacks. They’re like mini soft granola bars… but better.

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Pumpkin Macadamia Pancakes

I feel like I stepped off of a time machine when I exited the plane after our flight home from Maui on Wednesday night. I entered the contraption on the island at noon with sun and birds all around me, stepping off several hours of awkward sleep later to darkness and the familiar smell of Seattle’s Fall.

I’m certainly not complaining, though, because now the two worlds are colliding in the form of pumpkin and macadamia nuts, a slight tan and scarves, a serious cleanse and just-as-serious binge watching of Sister Wives.

Pumpkin macadamia pancake

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Spiced Lentil Tacos

Hi! We’re so sorry for leaving you hanging like that for so long. We’ll try not to let it happen again… until it does. HERE, TACOS!

I feel like I only eat tacos and variations of tacos these days. The taco is just so perfect: easy to cook up, infinite filling possibilities, and most importantly pretty cheap. Here is a simple recipe using just whatever I had on hand which happened to be lentils.

lentil tacos

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